A practical approach to RC planes

Prop reference guide

Prop reference guide

Below is a complete list of all props used in our thrust rig testing. Enjoy.

Prop Code Size Type Manufacturer
10×3.8 sf APC 10×3.8 Electric Slow Fly APC
10×4.5 sf 10×4.5 Electric Slow Fly HobbyKing
10x4x4 10x4x4 Replica Durafly
10×5 APC 10×5 Electric APC
7×4 sf APC 7×4 Electric Slow Fly APC
7×4 APC 7×4 Electric APC
7×5 APC 7×5 Electric APC
7×9 APC 7×9 Electric APC
8×4.5 sf 8×4.5 Electric Slow Fly HobbyKing
8×6 APC 8×6 Electric APC
9×4.7 sf APC 9×4.7 Electric Slow Fly APC
9×6 APC 9×6 Electric APC

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