A practical approach to RC planes

About BackyardRC

April 15, 2013 – Three years into toying with radio controlled planes BackyardRC goes digital. Combining a love for RC planes, an aptitude for tech, and DIY lifestyle BackyardRC brings a fresh practical look on the fringes RC community. We will not claim to be the definitive source or authority on the RC culture but we will provide a unique perspective to the hobby we all love and are addicted to.

Mark is a tech specialist with a startup in NYC. With a deep love for all things tech he is a relative new comer to RC Planes. Never one to dip a toe slowly into the shallow end, he dove head first deep into the DIY side of RC planes. Starting in 2010 with the first release of the Arduino based Ardupilot Mark’s first plane was a fully autonomous drone. Since this time Mark had build numerous scratch built foamies and started building balsa based planes using CAD software.

Todd is a database administrator for a major aftermarket auto parts supplier located in Eastern PA. He has been flying RC planes on and off for 15 years. Detail driven, Todd has an uncanny ability to tune in anything with wings. Also an avid DIY electronics enthusiast, a master of the field repair, he has build numerous scratch build planes.

Together Todd and Mark are the founders and core contributors of BackyardRC. Click here to follow as they give real world insight into practical RC flight.


2 responses to “About BackyardRC

  1. Zachary Mink October 17, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Hi Mark! This is Zach from 3DHubs again. Just wanted to contact you about a possible print. Again, I’m pretty desperate timing wise. I would love to have them tomorrow if at all possible, though I know its somewhat of a ridiculous request. The parts are small, but please contact me at my email address if you are interested. I can then email you the parts to get your opinion of pricing, etc. Thanks!!!

    • miles October 18, 2014 at 8:03 pm

      Hello Zack,

      I’m so sorry I was flying back from St Louis (work trip). I just saw this comment now. I guess I missed your timing. Can I still help with the prints?


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