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Saturday Fun – What is lost will be found!

Today I met Ray early and we headed to Creamery Field. We rolled in about 8AM and were the only ones braving the cold. Ray was flying his Archer for the first time since a bad hand launch left it needing repairs. With a newly upgraded with a new Mass Airscrew prop it handled great. We each burned a battery on the archer before I took up the Twinstar and we flew together.

Nick's 300mm MiniTri

Nick’s 300mm MiniTri

After that I took our my new MiniTri based on Nick’s kit. Our friend Chris lost a plane in the corn field back in mid summer and we thought now that the corn was brown we might find it. So I flue a nice slow pattern back and forth over where we thought it was. We didn’t see it on the video monitor or goggles but it was a good test run for the range and power of the tri.

By then we were getting cold (it was only about 35 this morning). So we headed for coffee and a review of the video on a computer screen. All caffeinated, warm, and still with no luck we headed back to the field once more. To our amazement we were still the only ones there. So we decided to take a quick walk into the corn. While we were there we could hear the corn combine in the field next to where the plane was. So we knew this might be the last change to find it. And after 10 minutes we found it! And in great shape too!

Chris' Stingray found after 3 months in the corn!

Chris’ Stingray found after 3 months in the corn!

Happy with our find we headed back to the flight line and burned a few more batteries as the wind picked up.

While putting Chris recovered plane in the clubhouse I sifted through the freebee pile and found a gem. A well loved old balsa low wing plane. All the electronics and the motor were pulled but the overall air frame is in great shape. So I took home a new project.

New project

A well loved balsa plane needs some love to get her back up in the air…

Overall not a bad day. MiniTri FPV, one found plane, one new project, and a bunch of great flights!

Can’t wait to wake up again tomorrow and do it all again 🙂



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