A practical approach to RC planes

First flights at the new house



Next weekend BackyardRC is moving to a new home. We found a great farmhouse out in rural PA. Over the past few weeks I have been working to clean up and setup our awesome new shop. But more to come on that soon.

Today I found some time to enjoy the perfect weather and get in a few FPV flights on the farm. The first flight was somewhat standard. I just put on a new set of props and it’s clear that they weren’t balanced.

During the second flight I started to get a bit more aggressive. Pushing the little quad into some tighter spaces and exploring some new nights. I’m pretty sure that during this flight I hit a new high altitude this quadcopter. The hight really helps illustrate the beauty of central Pennsylvania. I am truly lucky to live here.

For the final flight of the day I decided to push it a bit more. There are a few times in this clip that I squeeze the little quad between tight places.

Overall I am super excited to be living in a place that I can simply step outside and fly. I’m also super excited to have a giant shop right at home. Looks for a post in the next week or two for a full introduction of the new shop. Until then get out and fly something!


PS: Flying at Shank Park tomorrow (9-1) Bring a plane and join us!


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