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It’s official. Sunday Morning At Shank Park

Sunday September 21, 2014

Sunday September 21, 2014

Well I think it’s official. Sunday mornings at Shank Park are flight time with the guys. This week Viet, Chris, Ray, and I met up for a few hours of flying. The day started out a bit chilly, foggy, and damp but ended up perfect. I got 7 FPV flights in between my twinstar and blackout quad.

The first flight was with my Blackout quad was just testing the waters after a few weeks without flying. I did a few passes as Chris had his 3D biplane in the air. I’m really impressed with Chris’s skill level. For only flying for a short time he really has a strong handle on 3D.

Second flight of the day was as the fog starting to lift. Chris was flying his mini wing. Showing off with a ton of inverted flight. It might be time to challenge him to drag the vertical stabilizers on the ground 😉

Next up was the first flight with the twinstar. It was still a bit foggy and moisture built up on the lens. Even with this I still managed to get some great footage of Ray’s new Sky and Chris’s Parkzone Sukhoi SU-29MM.

Next us was a little chasing Viet’s Pandora with the twinstar. Chris fly one of his many 3D planes. All ending in am mid-air collision. No real damage inflicted. Just a little gluing needed on Chris’s 3D plane.

The fog finally clearing to blue sky and I transitioned back to the blackout quad. (A motor mount on the twinstar was loosening up) I got some great footage of Chris’s Twisted Hobbies 3D hobbies plane. And if you look closely a 3:34 Ray almost scores a goal but comes up short. :-/ Nice landing Ray!

The next flight was with the Blackout mini h quad somewhat following Chris and Viet. I get a great shot of Viet’s Freewing Pandora taking off but after that it proved a bit hard to keep up. I think the props on the mini quad had a bit too much pain inflicted and were well out of balance. There are a few times in this flight that the quad shakes hard in decent and the video is a bit wobbly throughout.

Last flight of the day with the Blackout quad. Chris playing with 3D flight while Viet was flying his Archer. We had a little crowd gather on the bench to watch us fly. I think Ray walked over to give them play by play. Always the good PR manager for the group.

In the end I had a blast with the guys this Sunday. I think this might be our new standing meet up. Sunday mornings at Sunday morning RC at Shank Park. So if you are in the area and have something RC. Come join us Sunday mornings 9-12!! Look forward to see you there!



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