A practical approach to RC planes

Über-cool DYI Quad

This evening I met up with Ray at Shank Park. He brought his hand built quad running the AMP 2.5. I got a chance to capture some quick footage of it hovering in GPS lock mode. Ray did a great job putting it all together. The little quad was super stable and well constructed. He used an old FPV setup for some aerial video, some household items, and basic hardware to build this Über-cool mid-sized quad. I wish I snapped a picture but you’ll have to settle for the flight footage from my Blackout.

Afterwords I got in a quick test flight on my Twinstar. This was the first one after the hard hit Saturday and things were just not right. The plane wanted to bank hard to the right and down. There is going to need to be some work done to it this weekend to get it back into tip top shape. 

Ray and I have plans to head out to the flying field tomorrow as well. I’m hoping to get some video of Ray’s Parkzone Beaver, weather permitting. Let the weather gods be in our favor.

Overall another relaxing evening out flying.



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