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Labor Day Weekend Fun! (Saturday)


Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend!

Saturday starter out perfect. After sleeping in late there was a tall cup of black coffee ready for me. Thank you Dana!

QSOPC and I got the the field about 1:30 in the afternoon and decided to start with a little demo of the mini-P51. QSOPC had not seen it in person and I just had to share. This little thing is a rocket but also a handful to fly. It requires you to carry a ton of speed in the corners and bank hard but not too much or you’ll roll over into dive.

After a the quick demo  we transitioned back to where we ended the day before. With a little streamer cutting action. But today’s results were a bit different….

On the first FPV flight of the day disaster struck. We were having a blast cutting the streamers with the props while in flight until the Twinstar pulled a full stream off the Nexstar’s wingtip, binding the left motor and causing a sharp left diving turn. The Twinstar hit with such in impact it cracked the plastic wing mount, spit the fuselage in two, and the force of the nose in impact striped the elevator servo.

While this sounds catastrophic the footage is epic! FPV streamer cutting is easily one of my new favorite challenges! ! It was to total blast and well worth the destroyed plane!

P51-D Foamie Build

P51-D Foamie Build (pre-black paint)

From there I decided to madden my 30 inch scratch build P51. I finished the build back in May and haven’t had the balls to fly it. The build turned out so nicely that I just didn’t want to see it crash and get beat up. But with the Twinstar out of action and the confidence of the earlier high speed mini-p51 flight I though it was high time I took it out.

Here is where I’ll pause and give a work of caution. An all black plane is difficult to see and even more difficult to judge it’s stance in the air. Stick to lighter colors that show shadows and contact of the aircrafts positioning.

About 3 minutes into the flight I was feeling super confident. The P51 was flying great and I could throttle back to a nice smooth pace unlike the mini that needs speed to keep it under control. I started to extend the simple box pattern that I was flying. Just breaking in the new plane nice and slow. Until I got about 100 yards away n a hard left bank I couldn’t tell if I had over rolled and was looking at the bottom of the plane or if I was still looking at the top. Something told me i rolled too far so I started a smooth roll back and started to pull up. Realizing too late I was inverted and pull back directly into a nose dive. Only being about 20 feet up there was no time for a correction. I found the ground with a hard thud. Luckily for me none of this was caught on camera and I can claim the sun was in my eyes or the new plane just was too uncontrollable or something like that. But the truth is it was simple pilot error that brought her down. Moral of the story. Don’t paint your plane black. And if you must give clear highlights that diferenciate the top and bottom. Lesson learned.

Not to be discouraged we went back to flying the Nexstar with streamers and my Twinstar with landing gear. All line-of-sight, no FPV here.

The second streamer flight was fairly uneventful. Just a nice solid chop after some great footage.

Next we tied on the same streamer and headed back up. About midway through the flight I managed to catch the streamer on the front gear. Fly linked together for a moment and then steal most of the streamer. It stuck to the front gear until I landed a few minutes later. Not to be outdone QSOPC decided that he would take back what he thought rightfully his… and he did. On the 4th touch and go he snagged the streamer and pulled it back up into the air! We nearly died laughing. Checkout the video!

We ended the day there with some comedy after the crashes from earlier in the day. 



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