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Fall Sneak Peek!

Here at BackyardRC we are working on a few cool things that are not ready for full posts but I couldn’t wait to share! This fall we will be unveiling a ton of cool projects. Here is your insider sneak peek!!


Foamboard F22 3D Printed Retracts

Foamboard F22 3D Printed Retracts

We love our foamboard F22’s. And now we have designed retracts for them!! Deep in testing now. The final set will be posted and uploaded to soon!! While you wait get your F22 ready by building your own from out guide.


Is that an FPV camera pod on your F22?

Is that an FPV camera pod on your F22?

And who doesn’t want to turn their F22 into and FPV platform?


Backyard Mini H Quad

Backyard Mini H Quad

The mini 250 quads are everywhere these days. And we thought we should jump on the band wagon by designing and sharing a 3D printed version. Looks for this little racer’s post on our blog and soon. And yes I will print one for you if you like. Just pay for printer time and shipping 🙂

The shop is full of a ton of other fall projects as well. We have the ongoing Flip 1.5 tricopter build, Nick’s MiniTri kit build, a 40 inch F22 6 cell project, and more 3D printed goodies to name a few. On top of it all, Chris at the Club was kind enough to give me a Twisted Hobbies Crack Yak 55 to learn to fly 3D! I can’t thank him enough. He even threw in two batteries!! Thanks Chris.

Overall we have a ton of great projects about to hit the blog. Stay tuned and get out there and fly before the summer is over!!






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