A practical approach to RC planes

Saturday at Creamery Field

Today started out simple enough. Chris called me up and told me that he lost his ParkZone Stryker in the corn field this week and asked if I could do some FPV recording to see if we could find it. So Chris and I meet at the Creamery Field around 9:00 AM. I put up the trusty Twinstar and it quickly became clear the the Stryker was not on top of the corn and would be hard to spot. But never the less we did some flyovers recording as we went. Couldn’t see anything directly with the goggles but maybe you can spot the downed plan…. If you find it post a comment!!


After the Search and Rescue flight we didn’t really feel like walking out in the wet corn so we started to fly. Chris put up his ParkZone Ultra Micro Styker (I think he missed the full sized one) and I chased him around with the Blackout Mini H Quad.


Next Chris got out one of his many 3d planes and I filmed with the mini quad. The video turned out fairly well. It was my first time following a 3d plane and I was off a bit but it still was a ton of fun.


Then a couple of other club members showed up with a bunch of cool planes and helis. I Got some footage of some 3d hell action. The power in this thing is awesome. Two 6-cells in parallel. Overcharged a bit to 50 volts. The sound and speed is just mesmerizing.


Next he took out his Curtis Youngblood Stingray. Which if you have not checked it out you have to. Fast, precise, and just wicked. 


And of course it would be full day with the mini quad if I didn’t hit a plane… So only 20 seconds after takeoff I collided with Dan’s Precision Aerobatics Addiction 3d plane. Luckily I didn’t do any damage to the plane and it was back up quickly. It does make for a great closeup 🙂


The guys also had a pair of large scale 3d 85 cc planes. once again they put on a little show. Here is just a shot clid of the flights with my iPhone. Can’t wait to talk them into sicking a GoPro on the wing tip.


and the second:


Later on we took a second crack at some video of the Precision Aerobatics Addiction using the Twinstar… it was a bit harder chasing a 3d plane with a high-wing. But there are a few good passes in the footage.


The last flight of the day was the Twinstar chasing a large glider. Once again the mismatch on speed and the grey sky made it is bit hard to see but by the ned I got it down and kept the big glider in frame for a bit.


Overall a great day. A ton of action and just another reason to join a local club.










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