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Relaxed August Weekend

Hello Everyone,

Miles from BackyardRC here. This weekend was another eventful one for us. Friday night I made it out to Shank Park for a few flights at sunset. A crowd of kids and parents gathered to watch. As I made passes a small flock of kids chased the plane with their arms stretched up to reach for it. It was a ton of fun for all.

I also got a quick flight in with the blackout mini quad to test some new PIDs. Here is the video:

Onto Saturday morning my family and I drove over to Creamery Field where the Keystone Radio Control Society (KRCS) meets. The group was super welcoming and generous. Walt, Dan, and the whole gang were very welcoming especially to my 5-year-old. They gladly welcomed the visitors, demonstrated some of their planes, and invited us to stay for lunch! The club has been meeting for 58 years with some of its member flying for over 50. I picked up a club membership application and plan on joining. If you are ever in the Harrisburg/Hershey, PA area and are looking for a great place and group to fly with KRCS. (

Futaba woes…

Where is my 3-position switch?!?!

Where is my 3-position switch?!?!

The unfortunate Saturday morning I discovered that somewhere between Friday nights flights and Saturday morning I lost my three position switch on my Futaba T7C transmitter. After a long Google search I was confident I found the right replacement and $7.88 later Amazon is shipping me a replacement. The new switch should be here late this week and with a little soldering we’ll be back in business.

Rear compartment charging plugs

Rear compartment charging plugs

Saturday afternoon I dove into a project I have been planning for a while but have not completed. I added a set of 4mm binding posts to the rear of my Jeep Grand Cherokee for my battery charger. The project took a bit longer than I expected as I decided to run a new set of heavy wires directly from the battery to the rear of the car.

Removing the side trim panel in the back of my Jeep

Removing the side trim panel in the back of my Jeep

After a few trim panels removed running the wires became much easier.

The completed installation

The completed installation

The final installation was completed with an emergency cutoff switch and the new charger ports neatly hidden under the trim panel.

Field charging with ease

Field charging with ease

Charging at that field was never so easy as it is now!!

New Zippies!

New Zippies!

When I got home from the shop I was happy to see that my new set of Zippy Lipo batteries have arrived… just in time to test the new charging station in the jeep. You have to love when things workout like that.

Sunday was filled with fun, family, the pool, and a big dinner. So while there was no flying it was still a blast. I’m looking forward to this week. There looks to be a ton of nice weather forecasted and I should have a few evenings free to get out and fly!

Hope you are getting out in the beautify summer weather as much a I am!

– Miles


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