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Sunday morning flights at Shank Park

Today Viet and I headed back out to Shank Park for a few flights. The sky was clear and the winds were super calm. Made for a great day of flying. The big highlight was when I crashed into Viets plane with my Blackout mini quad. Below are the videos from the day. I hope you enjoy!!

First flight of the day: Viet tries out the landing gear on this 900mm Dragonfly pusher prop plane. While I chase him with the Twinstar 2 and the GoPro.


Our second flight was a continuation of the first. Viet cruising around with his Dragonfly and me filing with the Twinstar 2 FPV setup.


Next up was the excitement of the day. I got out the Blackout mini quad and pushed the limits a bit too much. About 4:40 into the video I collide with the dragonfly. Luckily there was very little damage to the plane and only a single bent prop on the quad. Very lucky considering the force of the hit.


After that I went back to the Twinstar and finished with clean flight.


Overall a great few hours at Shank Park. If anyone else is in the central PA area please come out and join us. I think we are going to start making 9-12 Saturday mornings at Shank Park a weekly fly in. So if you have a small electric plane and are looking for somewhere new to fly, come on out!!

See you next Saturday at the middle parking lot of Shank Park!




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