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Shared Skys at Shank Park

Today I headed up to Shank Park to burn through a few batteries in the early sunlight. I took with me my trusty Twinstar 2 and Blackout quad. As I lazily went about my business something great happened. I met Viet.

Just as I was packing up a soft spoken man walked up with a quiet curiosity and we started to chat. Viet has just gotten into the hobby and like all of us was happy to meet a fellow RC pilot. A mechanical engineer by trade, he has been flying for about 2 years ago. And like all of us he’s been through a few planes (and few crashes). He’s also eager to improve and learn.

In the course of our conversation I go the feeling that he thought I was some great RC pilot. But I think of my self as a novice pilot. Having a solid plane crushing crash each month (sometimes more). So when Viet asked me to fly his plane and tell me what I think I was a bit taken back.

I don’t think of myself as someone good enough to pickup a someone’s plane and transmitter and fly. But his confidence in my ability convinced me. He said he would fly it first and I could watch and possibly give him a few pointers. But when he launched his plane it was clear he could handle the sticks. He piloted his plane for a solid 10 minutes making perfectly shaped figure 8’s in a neat even pattern. His control movements were smooth and direct. At the end of his flight all I could do was assure him he’s a solid pilot. With more flight time he’d be pushing the limits of his pusher prop plane.

After I did get to fly his plane and it was just as smooth as he made it look. Easy on the controls. Predictable and direct.

But when I was finished I got to demonstrate my FPV goggles for him. I hope my flying didn’t make him sick. Then we both took to the air and for the remaining few minutes of battery I had I chased his plane with the Twinstar.

Overall it was a great morning. Warm but not hot. Calm winds. And a new pilot to share the skys with. Today was just another reason to remember why I like the RC hobby community so much.


I look forward to the next time we can fly together and thank you for letting me fly your plane. Above is the short video of us flying together. I hope you enjoy it. Keep up the flying you are a great pilot.



One response to “Shared Skys at Shank Park

  1. Viet August 9, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Hi Mark,
    This is Viet and I just met you today at Shank Park. I tried to email you twice but something wrong with the email address you gave me – it failed to deliver! If you see this message, please response with your correct email address so I can send you some info. I watched the video of us flying together at Shank Park, I really enjoy it and it was quite an experience. I am glad we met today and thank you for the video, the blog, and for letting me tried out your goggle. Hope to hear from you again.

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