A practical approach to RC planes

Evening FPV flight fun

Monday night I got out to the local park and burned a few batteries with my Twinstar2 and my Blackout Mini Quad. Above is one of the FPV flights with the TwinStar2.

Repairing my fleet of TwinStar II

Repairing my fleet of TwinStar II

I absolutely love this plane. I have 3 of them in different configurations and it is easily my go to plane for a relaxing predictable flight. They can be a bit light and pushed in the wind but they are also easily modified into anything you desire.

The video above is my tame Twinstar2 upgraded with HobbyPartz Exceed RC 2200 1500KV motors and custom 3D printed mounts I designed. I have the older weaker version posted on Thingiverse. I’ll have to plan to upload the newer beefier version soon.

painting complete!

painting complete!

My second Twinstar2 has already been the star of a post. Back in 2013 we repaired the aileron after a midair collation with a large balsa trainer. Checkout the detail here.

Twinstar Laser Cut Subframe

Twinstar Laser Cut Subframe

The third and final Twinstar2 is a heavily modified beast. With two powerful NTM 750KV motors, 10×4.5 props, and a full balsa subframe with tricycle landing gear. I have plans for a full post focused on this build coming soon.




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