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The Shop has been busy!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy few weeks with the holidays and year-end but I still managed to find some time in the shop. This past week I continues work on a few projects and started a few new ones.

Repairing my fleet of TwinStar II

Repairing my fleet of TwinStar II

First up was a set of adjustable plane stands to hold the models as I work on them. Nothing to exciting here. Just a simple tool to make working on the planes that much easier.

Next up was a rebuild/update of the 3D printed motor mount for the TwinStar II. We are up to version 5.1. The first few versions just didn’t hold up to the vibrations. In this version I thickened the walls and front plate to 2 and 3mm respectively. I also wanted to try turning around the mount so the mounting plate was behind the motor. With any luck the vibrations wail now be deeper in the foam and a bit better absorbed. I have one more to print and mount before testing.

TwinStar II NTM size 28 Motor Mount

TwinStar II NTM size 28 Motor Mount

In the same line I also created version 6 to be compatible with HobbyKing’s NTM 28 sized motors. The more I use and test these the more I like them. Therefore I am incorporating them in the next TwinStar II build. I’m super excited about this build and can’t wait to share all of it. Spoiler: I’ll finally be sharing my laser cut sub frame for mounting landing gear on the TwinStar!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Another project started in back in October finally got a bit more attention. A little delta wing I am calling Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Based on the FT Versa Wing this modification can be dialed back for smooth FPV with twin 3 cell 3000 Mah batteries and wide stance. Or the throws can be tuned way up and on a 4 cell for farce combat.  A little more to come on this later as I have plans to mount up a GoPro and my new ImmersionRC video transmitter.

Folding Quad Frame

Folding Quad Frame

And finally yesterday I started one more project: A folding quadcopter frame. I love the tricopter I build and pairing it with my new Fatshark FPV gear is awesome. So I thought why not build a speedy quad that can go anywhere. Both in the sky and for travel. The goal is to build a powerful quad that will perform as well as my tri but can fold small enough to fit into a toolbox for travel.

So you can see the BackyardRC shop have been buzzing with projects. But it’s nice can calm out so it’s time for more FPV tricopter actions.

From all of us at BackyardRC we wish you a Happy New Year and Clear Skys!

And for the fun of it here are a bunch more pictures of all the above projects. Enjoy 🙂







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