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FPV Saturday

TwinStar FPV Setup

TwinStar EDF FPV Setup

Saturday Morning I decided to dig out the old FPV gear. I’s been awhile since I have played around with it and never really fully embraced it. But with the tricopter well on it’s way I have the FPV bug.

So Saturday I took my trusty old Twinstar with the EDF wings on it and loaded her up with FPV gear. It was dead calm and sunny. Around 80 degrees. Perfect flying weather.

For the first flight I didn’t want to fully commit to watching the screen and flying so I setup a GoPro on the ground to record the monitor. Later I would watch it completely and see how the signal was. For now I would just fly by line of sight. I won’t bore you with video but here is a screen capture. Got to love the cheap camera quality. Be mindful that is a video signal to a cheap 7 inch monitor recorded in the sun by a GoPro.

I need to hook my GoPro to the video out.. none of this cheap camera stuff

I need to hook my GoPro to the video out.. none of this cheap camera stuff

Boy did I underestimate the weight of the FPV gear. The fully load plane with 5000 mah battery, video transmitter, 800 mah battery for VidTX, FPV camera, and GoPro was just too much for the cheap 60 mm EDF motors. I was only able to get about 4 1/2 minutes of flight time. Keeping the RPM’s high and the speed up was all I could do to keep her in the air.

Overall the video reception was not bad. I have the stock cheap antenna’s and it was clear that when the plane banked, signal was much worst. This is caused by the design of these antenna. Watch a great description here or FliteTest’s episode here.. I will definitely have to build a good set of clover leaf antennas in the near future.

Signal Loss

Signal Loss

Overall the first steps went well. With some antennas, GOPro Video out, and a proper airframe I’ll be set. Stay Tuned.


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