A practical approach to RC planes

Up Coming Projects

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share a quick update on some up coming projects. We have a couple of exciting things in the works! SO on to the updates:


BackyardRC Quadcopter

BackyardRC Quadcopter

BackyardRC Quad

A few weeks ago I started build the BackradRC Quadcopter. We printed printed all the parts and build the basic structure. We got it off the ground briefly but since then an ESC fried (human error). Well the new part arrived and we are ready for more flights!


RC Explorer Tri v2.5

BackyardRC Tricopter

All the parts have been ordered for our first attempt at building a tricopter with the sole purpose of FPV.  Based on the work done by RCExplorer we hope to have the base tri built by the end of the month.


FliteTest’s take on Pixar’s Plane character Slinger

FlitTest Slinger Build

Today FliteTest started selling their ft-slinger speed build kit and BackyardRC picked one up instantly. We have bug plans for this guy… starting with the standard custom 3D printed parts (motor mounts, landing gear, and so on). We also have plans to push this little foam warbird to the limit. STay tuned for out FT-Sling Build post!!



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