A practical approach to RC planes

I am a backyard engineer

odds & ends

odds & ends

Engineering allows me to take something conceptual, transform to visuals, print to tangibles, and finally build into useful objects. I often find myself mid build, mentally piecing together things and realize the standard options just don’t meet my level of individualism and dare I say it: flare. I look and look for bits and pieces to fit the build but I’m left designing the ideal solution in my head. And that is where my engineering process begins. With a little necessity, a bunch of function, and a bit of personal touch I find myself creating one off custom DIY parts.

Quad mount v 2.0

Quad mount v 2.0

The tools of my trade have been gathered and refined over many builds, years, and failures. They include everything from the pen/paper and hand tools to the complex like CAD programs, 3D printers, and laser cutters. I am a jack of many trades but a master of none. Constantly increasing the tool set at hand. I have little formal training but a deep love for hands on learning and the confidence to try until I break it. Then I have the patience to fix it.

Laser cut wing set

Laser cut wing set

In short I love to create something useful and cool from nothing. For this I am a backyard engineer at heart.

If you have a desire to design, create, and build, I encourage you too to become a backyard engineer. Soak in as many skills as you can. Acquire, borrow, or build and engineers tool set. And have fun learning as you build.


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