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Biplane Motor Mount

FliteTest's Baby Blender

FliteTest’s Baby Blender

Inspiration struck me today. I was in the shop tinkering on a few different projects when my focus landed on an old foam biplane project I had started last year.

flitetest logo

It’s design is build on FilteTest’s Baby Blender plans.Now if you are not familiar with the guys over at flitetest I highly recommend you head over to their page, checkout the web show they’ve created, and contribute to their site.  The time and effort they put into the hobby is amazing and the community they have built shows it. While you’re there you can pickup a speed build kit of the baby blender. It’s cheap and cuts a ton of time out of the build time,

Flite test’s design used something they call a power pod, which is basically a removable center section that houses your motor, esc, RX, and battery. This pod can be reused in all of their swapables line of scratch build foam planes.

Baby Blender meet ExceedRC Motor

BackyardRC Baby Blender Motor Mount v1.0

But in typical BackyardRC fashion I didn’t stick with the plans directly. Last summer I downloaded and built the airframe back in the New York apartment but never got around to wiring or mounting the motor. Today with the 3D printer by my side I set out to build a simple motor mount around HobbyPartz ExceedRC 2200 series motors I have grown to love.

Baby Blender meet ExceedRC Motor

Baby Blender meet ExceedRC Motor

The design is simple, light, and strong, With the common 8mm off center 3mm bolt pattern any of the 2220 series motors will bolt right up to it.


all bolted up!

The stock bolts for the motor mount were a tad too short so I substituted for 3mm  by 5 mm in length pan head bolts from the local hardware store.

Horizontal supports

Horizontal supports

Removing a small section of foam for the motor shaft and the mount fits right in. Horizontal tabs increase the overall strength.


All glued in

The only really downfall that is immediately evident to this design is that the top two motor bolts are glued in and the whole mount will need to be removed to access.

With the motor mount completed and installed I’m almost ready to fly. This evening I am planning to design a custom landing gear setup to print tomorrow evening.

If you like this mount you can download it over at thingiverse.

As always please comment and let me know what you think.


UPDATE: Today I completed a technical drawing highlighting key dimensions:

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing


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