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Rainy Saturday

This morning Austin and I are off to the shop to print the first two versions of the quadcopter motor mount.

I’ve been using HobbyPartz Exceed RC Rocket 2220 series for a ton of my builds. I’m a big fan of these little motors. For its small size they packs a ton of power and takes a beating. I’ve used their 1500 kv on my scratch build foam fighters numerous times. With a 6×4 prop and a four cell battery they rocket!

So with this motor line in mind I started designing motor mounts for the next iteration of my quadcopter. With the CD Case Flyer build still underway I have quietly been planning version 2.0. With custom 3D printed motor mounts, center hub, camera mount, and legs. I’m still up in the air if I’ll build a tricopter first or another quad. Time will tell.

But for today I’ve finished my first CAD designs of the Exceed RC 2200 Series fixed motor mounts. The mount is fairly straight forward with function in mind. Using the X shaped motor mount included in the Exceed box I’ve designed the 16mm bolt pattern with center hub around a 44mm cylinder.

8 mm Motor bolt pattern off center (approx: 0.11811 inche)

8 mm Motor bolt pattern off center (approx: 0.63 inch)

The booms or arms of my copters are all based off 1/2 by 1/2 inch square dowels. They are cheap, easy to find, and hold up well. Therefore my mount design incorporates a direct fit for the dowels with a #6 pan head bolt pattern.

Square Dowel Mounting Point

Square Dowel Mounting Point

In the no frills first version (v1.0) the dowel mount is 2 inches deep with a solid back wall, no rounded edges or raised motor cylinder.

Later today we’ll share the finished product. Stay tuned!!


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