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3D Printing with Austin

Quad Mounts!

Quad Mounts!

Well the day at the shop is over and it was a super productive one. Austin and I printed both version 1.0 and 1.1 of the quadcopter motor mounts. We also finished re-building one of my Twinstar 2 planes with a set of freshly printed motor mounts (more to come on this in a later post). And finally we we snuck in a quick cad design lesson and 3D print of a hammer loop for Austin.

a hammer loop for any pants!

a hammer loop for any pants!

First up was version 1.0 was printed face down in black PLA. The cubify software was set to build it solid but in reality this means supported cavities on inner dimensions.

Quadmount version 1.0

Quadmount version 1.0

After printing I found an interesting oversight. A 3D printer prints layer after layer building from the bottom up. When a ‘ceiling’ is reached the printer attempts to print in open space. I hadn’t tried this before with my new printer and didn’t know how wide of an unsupported ceiling could be created. But the 1/2 inch dowel opening proved to be too wide for unsupported printing.

Curly Q's Block the Dowel Hole

Curly Q’s block the dowel hole

A cobweb of plastic nest like curly q’s blocked the opening not allowing the dowel to fit. After a ton of cutting with the hobby knife and sanding on a dowel, I aligned the motor and bolted it up.

test here

A freshly printed mount mated to it’s motor

The 4-40 bolts I had we a bit too long for the job. Out came the dremel but beware: Motors are magnetic and mettle shavings will easily embed in the windings and bearings sucking the life out of your motor. So before you dremel, tape all the opening.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair

Version 1.0 DONE!

Version 1.0 DONE!

With the bolts all cleaned up and the dowel test fitted this mount passes. It’s functional but a bit blocky and unsightly…. time for revisions and the next version.

Quadcopter Motor Mount Sneak Peek

Quadcopter Motor Mount Sneak Peek

In the next post will we’ll walk through the improvements and enhancements of version 1.1.


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