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Sunday Afternoon Flight

This weekend Anne and I found ourselves at the Grand Canyon of PA in Tioga County Pennsylvania. We met up with Craig Musser at Grand Canyon Airport for a flight in his 1981 Cessna 172P.

Anne and I before takeoff

Anne and I before takeoff

We met Craig at 11AM as the overnight showers gave way to bright blue sky and sunshine. Craig introduced himself as he walked us out to his beloved Cessna. He popped a few pictures for us and then we all jumped in.

Grand Canyon of PA

Grand Canyon of PA

Quickly we were up in the air and over the Grand Canyon. The views were breathtaking as we traveled south along the eastern edge and then back north along the western edge of the canyon.


Pine Creek

Throughout the flight Craig chatted as he pointed out key landmarks. He was super helpful and willing to explain the controls of the plane. As a pilot instructor he answered all my questions with ease.

Out the back!

Out the back!

After we landed Craig spent another 45 minutes with us but I really think he would have spent all day with us if he could. Walking us through a nearby hanger, showing us some of the nearby planes, answering any questions, and encouraging us to learn to fly. His love of flight and the airport was plainly evident.

Grand Canyon Airport - Wellsboro, PA

Grand Canyon Airport – Wellsboro, PA

Overall Craig was a great host, an excellent pilot, and an all around wealth of aviation knowledge.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Tioga County area looking for an awesome way to view the the Grand Canyon of PA. Make your way over to the airport and look him up!


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