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Quadcopter Crazy



I didn’t want to sink too much money or time into my first quad. Everyone knows there is a bit of a learning curve and the first new airframe is bound to get a bit thrashed. And in typical fashion I have a hard time spending a small pile of money on airframe designed for the masses that might only fit about 1/2 of my needs. Plus DIY is always more fun.

Over the next few posts I’ll document my build process and highlight challenges and failures. In the end I hope I can help straighten the learning curve a bit for others.

So here is the plan: Build a simple quadcopter around 8×4 props and HobbyKings Park 300 motor. I’m hoping to build a solid quad to carry my GoPro. I am also going to use the arducopter flight system as training wheels much like I did when getting into RC planes.

What I purchased:

Total cost: $142.98

As soon as all of the gear arrives I’ll start the build. Stay Tuned!!


Follow the full build process from the beginning:


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