A practical approach to RC planes

ParkJets: Home Built DIY Fun


Over the past few years there has been an explosion of RC ParkJets. Many manufacturers have started selling EPO foam EDF jets. These beautiful planes come fully loaded with details. Scale decals and paint, armaments, landing gear that all add up to truly realistic scale fighter jets. Unfortunately it also adds up to an expensive, underpowered plane with horrible flight characteristics. Now there are a ton of sites that can help you buy one of these jets and mod them to be stable reliable birds.


40 inch F22 build – December 2012

But there is another option for awesome ParkJet fun: Home built or DIY Foamies. There are a plethora of plans out there on the web. Sites like,, and all have free plans. I’ve built about 15 ParkJet foamies to date and have found a platform that I love. Starting with 6mm fly RC’s F22 plans I have modified them through a few versions to come up with my own plans. Each build hones my building skills, improves the plans, which increases performance, reliability, and enjoyment.

Built from light, durable, and easy to obtain foam board, these airframes are cheap to build. With a total DIY airframes cost around $5-$8. Add in control surface hardware, 9 gram servos, cheap motor, ESC, and receiver you can build  a ready to fly plane for under $45.

Not only have a built a number of these beauties I have also crashed a bunch of them. And I can attest they really do hold up well. Often in small or light impacts no repair is needed. For harder hits sections of the plan can be cut off, replacement panels constructed, and then re-glued into place. Also the box-like design naturally protects the electronics, motors, and batteries from nose first “landings”.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a complete build process of my tweaked F22 design. Followed by some first flight posts focused on trimming and tuning. Finally some flight footage of the new plane.



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